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This page is a repository of my school papers that I have written for UMUC. Only the best and most important papers will be uploaded here in order to ensure that your time is not wasted! *CLICKING THE LINKS WILL AUTOMATICALLY START THE DOWNLOAD. FILES WILL BE UPLOADED IN A WORD DOCUMENT FORMAT (.DOCX)*

TRUSTWORTHINESS of the google play store (9 pages) – This is one of the lengthiest papers that I have written. It analyzes some security concerns within the operation of Google Play and common ways to protect against malicious applications. The three focus points within the paper are as follows: 1. Shows how common malicious applications are found on the app store and gives an example 2. Google’s response to these applications 3. Ways to protect mobile devices from malicious apps.

windows server virtual install guide (24 pages with pictures) – Don’t let the length scare you, it’s mostly due to formatting issues from all of the screenshot images. This paper/guide will take you through installing Windows Server 2016 on a VM software like VirtualBox. It also goes in detail about installing certain roles like Active Directory and the IIS Web Server role. Some basic configuration changes like hostname and IP address are also discussed in this paper.

Executive proposal – metasploit (6 pages) – This is much shorter than the previous paper, it only has 3 full pages of content. This assignment was supposed to be a software analysis report of any security tool in order to persuade company executives to buy the product. For this paper, I chose to research Metasploit. This paper doesn’t even begin to touch the full aspects of Metasploit, it just provides a few of the basics.

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