Idle Heroes Private Server: The best way to play Idle Heroes

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Idle Heroes is a notoriously pay-to-win game that is both extremely addicting and frustrating. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the game to get the heroes that you want/need, then I have an answer to your troubles. The Idles Heroes Private Server (PS) is a completely free way to play the game, meaning that there is no option for anyone to spend money on gems and other bonuses; however, progress is sped-up due to having VIP 13 and increased daily rewards. Click here to download the PS (you will need an Android device or an emulator to run the game on PC). If you are short on time, scroll down to check out the Pros and Cons list for the essentials.

What’s different?

As you load up the game you will notice a few differences right away. For starters, the loading screen is from a much older version of the game. This also means that the PS is out of date by months. Unfortunately, this means that there are some old and new heroes missing. For example, Aida and Cthugha are only available in the Official Idle Heroes game. Here are some other primary differences that the PS has:

  • Older layout, heroes, and features – uses patch 1.14.31
  • Features 2 servers – Normal and Seasonal (Seasonal lasts for about a month and then progress for everyone is reset)
  • Gives you VIP 13 from level 1 (increased rewards from auto-mining)
  • Increased daily rewards (2 guaranteed Prophet Orbs and 700+ gems for completing all daily quests)
  • Disabled tutorial
  • Hero and Monster tweaks/balances
  • Casino and shop changes
  • Arena matches you against others around your rank

That’s most of the big changes, there are still many differences between the official and PS versions of Idle Heroes.


Just to reiterate and highlight the key reasons you should be playing the PS:

  • No pay-to-win and completely free to play
  • Better rewards for daily quests
  • Faster progress
  • VIP 13 bonuses
  • Disabled tutorial
  • Active community with a PS Discord
  • New and exciting way to play – Seasonal Competition
  • Trading for heroes or accounts
  • Chat commands


  • No tutorial (for new players)
  • Outdated version – missing heroes, older layout, etc
  • Only one normal server – this means that there are thousands of people on the server ranging from level 1 to 200+, so new players aren’t going to be setting any server records without months of dedication
  • Run by a small team – deadlines like monthly resets can run a few hours behind sometimes

Give it a shot

Overall, if you can get past the fact that the PS is using an older version of the game then you will enjoy playing the PS. If you’re addicted to Idle Heroes like I have been for months, then you should at least give the PS a try. Thanks for taking the time to read this guide, enjoy your new account on the Idle Heroes Private Server!