How to Play Super Mario World Hacks on the SNES Classic

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This guide is going to focus on where to actually download SMW Hacks and how to patch these hacks so that they can be played on the SNES Classic. If you want to learn how to add games to the SNES or need a refresher, check out my guide on how to add games to the SNES Classic. Disclaimer you will need your own copy of the original SMW ROM.

downloading the hacks

The most popular and safest place to download SMW Hacks is from SMW Central.

Click the link for SMW Central and you should see the following:

Don’t worry if you can’t read everything on this screenshot. The important part is that you made it to the correct website.

Components of each hack


The first column is the name of each hack. You can click on the name to bring up an in-depth page dedicated to the hack. this is useful if you would like to learn more about a particular hack.

Demo, Featured & Length

For both Demo and Featured there are two potential options you will see and they are yes or no. If there is a test or demo of the hack available then you will see a yes to indicate this. I honestly am not sure what featured means, I think this is supposed to represent some of the more official hacks. You can honestly just ignore this column all together. The length of a hack represents how many exits are in the hack. Notice how I said exits and not levels, some levels may have more than one exit to them.


The difficulty for SMW hacks is a little strange. From easiest to hard they are easy, normal, hard, very hard, kaizo: light, and kaizo: hard. The kaizo difficulties are recommended for expert Mario players as they are extremely difficult. They are a fun challenge and I would recommend that everyone at least try a kaizo: light level. The final difficulty is Pit but I have never played any of these levels.

rating, size, & download

This is all pretty self explanatory. The rating is out of 5, the size may become an issue if you have too many hacks downloaded on your SNES, and the download button downloads the hack with a .bps file extension or a .zip instead of the normal .smc that the SNES needs to run the hack.

download and patch the hack


  • For this section you are going to need to download a program to patch the .bps file into a .smc file
  • Do so by downloading Flips – The link takes you to the download site which happens to be SMW Central
Click the green download link and install it in the folder with your SMW ROM

After you have downloaded Flips, go back to the main page of SMW Central and download a SMW Hack. I will be downloading a new and highly rated hack called Quickie World 2 by Valdio. Unzip and extract QW2.bps or the .bps file that you downloaded and place it with your SMW ROM and Flips files.


  • Run Flips
  • Click on apply patch in the top left corner
  • Locate QW2.bps or the .bps file you downloaded
  • Select the .bps file and click open
  • Now, select your Super Mario World.smc ROM and click open
  • Save your new .smc file

Congrats, you have successfully downloaded and patched a SMW ROM hack. The hack is now ready to play and ready to be added to your SNES Classic’s game collection. Again, if you need help adding your newly patched hack to the SNES Classic check out my guide on how to do so, here.