Best Mario Youtubers to watch

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With the release of Super Mario Maker 2 counting down, here are two Youtubers to watch in the mean time. This list represents my personal opinions based on the countless hours I have spent watching these Youtubers.

1. Ryukahr

Ryukahr is a talented Mario Youtuber with a dry/sarcastic sense of humor. Given his latest achievement of getting the world record for the SMW hack Invictus, I thought he deserved the top spot on this list. You can check out the video on his channel here. With just over 420k subscribers, he is one of the most popular Youtubers who focuses mainly on creating Mario content. As far as his Mario skills are concerned, I would rank him among the best that I have ever seen. He has conquered hundreds of Super Expert runs and countless Kaizo Mario World hacks. If you love Mario then you should check him out and give his videos a chance. As an added bonus, if you are into Twitch streams he streams pretty regularly throughout the week.

2. DGR

DGR (Dave) is another skilled Youtuber whose channel is more focused towards creating a family-friendly Mario experience. While he tries to keep his content PG, his videos are still entertaining for all viewers. DGR’s over the top reactions and his ability to fall into every troll in a level is what makes him funny to watch. He’s not as skilled as Ryukahr but is still extremely talented and able to knock out super expert troll levels in Mario Maker. Dave’s channel sits at 180k subscribers and again is very focused on Mario content with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, he does not stream as often as some other Mario Youtubers and his streams are usually later in the Evening EST.

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Both of these Youtubers are extremely talented and fun to watch. If you have the time I recommend checking out at least one of these Youtubers if not both of them for some quality Mario content. They both upload regularly and have their own sense of humor that makes for a nice change when watching their different videos. Give them a chance and I’m sure that you will become addicted in no time!

honorable mention

I haven’t spent nearly as much time watching Blue Television Games which is why he is just an honorable mention. His channel is a family focused Mario channel with about 140k subscribers. Based off his videos, He comes off as a pretty relaxed Youtuber. He also provides quality and skillful content for everyone to enjoy. Both other Youtubers have videos featuring his created levels in Mario Maker which is how I discovered BTG’s channel.